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Personal Confessions

Confession #1
Even though I say that I’ll never find someone, there is something deep down that tells me he IS out there. I don’t know when I’ll meet him, I don’t know how, I don’t know what he’ll look like, but he is out there and we’ll find each other when the time is right. I just have to keep believing.

Confession #2
Things are changing so fast around me. All of my friends that I’ve had since freshman year of college have either transferred or have boyfriends and don’t have time for anyone else. I never see anyone anymore. So I just walk around by myself when I go to classes. My Dad told me to make new friends, but I don’t feel like opening myself up just to have people keep disappearing on me.

Confession #3
Patsy Cline is my distant cousin.

Confession #4
I’m fascinated by London. I have vowed that I will visit there before I die. So, when I graduate college in May and get a job, I will start saving up for my trip to London.

Confession #5
I wish every single day that I get the opportunity to meet Taylor Swift. No one understands how much that girl means to me. She is literally like my twin in thought, personality, beliefs, everything. My parents (especially my Mom) think I’m “obsessed” and that truly hurts me. I just connect with Taylor in a way that I never have with anyone else and it saddens me to know that those people who think I’m “obsessed” have never felt that connection before.

Confession #6
I have a deep fear that guys will always see me as a friend—just a good girl who is there when they need to talk. I fear guys will never see me in a romantic way. I fear I will be invisible forever.

Confession #7
No one knows that I have this tumblr. I feel like it’s a “secret society” just for us and telling people would ruin it. Not even my best friend knows I have this.

Confession #8
I’m starting to honestly believe that all guys are the same. Most of the guys in my life have shown they are, including my best guy friend who I never thought would be that way. If you’re a guy and you’re different, please let me know. Because I need to know that you still exist.

Confession #9
Whenever I see a plane in the sky, I wonder about the people on it. I wonder who they are, what they are going through, why they are there in that moment. And I wonder if the person I’m meant to be with is up there, thousands of miles away from me, and I’m watching him fly out of sight.

Confession #10
I have a notebook of quotes. Whenever I come across something inspiring that someone said or an inspiring song, I write it in this notebook. I have it sitting on my night stand and I read it frequently.

Confession #11
I’m terrified of scary movies and shows, but I absolutely love the show “Ghost Adventures” on Travel Channel. I just love hearing about ghost stories.

Confession #12
I’m a shy person. When I first meet people, I don’t say much. Not because I don’t want to, but simply because I don’t know what to say. I’m insecure about myself and when I first meet someone, I feel like they can see all of the flaws that I see in the mirror. I hope people don’t take my shyness the wrong way.

Confession #13
I am completely captivated by Princess Diana & William and Catherine. I remember being fascinated by Diana even when I was young (she died when I was 7). There was just something unexplainable about her that just draws me in. She was an amazing, beautiful woman and it hurts my heart that she struggled so much during her life.

I got up at 4am after only having two hours of sleep to watch the royal wedding. It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. William reminds me so much of his mother and I’m so glad that he found someone who he truly loves. Catherine is just so beautiful and kind. How they met, their wedding, everything about them is like a real life fairytale. They help me believe that true love is out there.

Confession #14
I get my best ideas in the shower.

Confession #15
When I have my own home, I will have a spiral staircase in it.

Confession #16
My gut instinct has never failed me.

Confession #17
When I read, I turn out all of the lights in my room and read by candlelight. (I usually read right before I go to bed). There is just something about reading by candlelight.

Confession #18
I have dreamed about meeting Taylor Swift 8 times. Every time I dream about her, I write it down so I can remember it. The dreams are always so vivid, it amazes me. I truly believe that these dreams mean something. I’ll believe that forever.

Confession #19
I absolutely hate talking on the phone. So, if I willingly call you and like talking to you on the telephone, you’re special.

Confession #20
I love to paint and draw, I always have ever since I can remember. I’m majoring in art with emphasis in graphic design and I love it! But I have this fear that I will “forget” how to paint and draw; that one day I’ll go to paint something and it will just look awful and nothing will come to me. This happens a lot if I have just done something I’m really proud of and then go awhile without painting anything. But every time I start a new project, it still comes natural. I just hope it always will and that my fears will never be realized.

(I can relate to Taylor with this because she says that she often thinks about, “what if I can’t write anymore?! I know that fear, in a different art form.)

Confession #21
I keep a little notebook that lists everything I want to do before I die. Whenever I accomplish something on that list, I put a heart by it. I always keep it with me so I can add to it.

Confession #22
I am greatly intimidated by people of authority. I know I shouldn’t be, but I am. I get even more shy around them than usual and don’t know what to say.

Confession #23
Whenever a guy shows me attention, I am honestly shocked and completely flattered by it because that rarely happens. It makes me feel special when they place their hand on my back or squeeze me a little tighter when I hug them.

Confession #24
My heart literally aches sometimes when I think about how badly I just want a man to love me. All I want is for a good guy to see me as more than a friend. I want that look that says he will never see any other girl but me. I just want him to love me for exactly who I am, always and forever.

Confession #25
I wish I got along well with my Mom, like the way Taylor and Andrea get along. I wish I could feel comfortable going to her with anything and everything. But I don’t. I feel like she judges me all the time.

Confession #26
When I see someone I know, I like to wait to see if they will say something to me first. So I act like I haven’t see them and wait to see if they’ll say anything. I don’t do this to be mean, I just want to see if people really care about me.

Confession #27
Years ago, I used to have a list of things that I wanted in a guy. But now, I only have one requirement: that he has a relationship with Jesus Christ. I’ve learned that you can’t have crazy expectations when it comes to love and relationships. I think love should take you by surprise, come when you least expect it. And I think having a checklist takes away from that. There is no perfect person but there is someone out there who is perfect for YOU.

Confession #28
I want to learn how to tie a man’s neck tie so that I when I get married, I can tie my husband’s tie for him before we go out. I think that is so sexy.

Confession #29
I blush SO easily and at nearly anything. For example, I’m blushing right now just talking about it. I’ve always disliked this quality because I feel so embarrassed when it happens (and it happens often). I just turn my face and hope to gracious it isn’t as recognizable as it feels.

Confession #30
I have this weird thing where I can’t stop reading in the middle of a chapter or stop a CD in the middle of a track. I HAVE to finish the chapter before I go to sleep or wait for the song on the CD to finish before I get out of my car.

Confession #31
Like Taylor, I have a fear of “being sent to the principal’s office of life.”

Confession #32
Smacking is my biggest pet peeve. It gets on my nerves more than anything, I cannot stand it. What’s worse is that my Dad is the BIGGEST smacker of anyone I know. (I think that’s why it gets on my nerves so much b/c he has done it forever. lol)

Confession #33
When I was in 1st grade, I got up much earlier than I had to before school so I could watch Scooby Doo. I absolutely loved that show when I was little. This is one of the only memories I have from when I was that age.

Confession #34
I love state and county fairs. The atmosphere is just so great: the sound of the rides, the food, the lights of the rides at night, I just love everything about them. Plus, they signal the beginning of my favorite season, fall.

Confession #35
I love watching the credits in movies. While everyone else will turn the movie off or leave the theater when they come on, I sit there and watch them until the very end. There is just something about the credits that I love—the music…..and also that fact that I hope to have my name scrolling in those credits one day as video editor.

Confession #36
I still believe in Santa Claus.

Confession #37
As much as I dream of finding the right man and getting married, sometimes I honestly believe it will never happen to me.

Confession #38
I love how people look when they first wake up in the morning.

Confession #39
I am completely fascinated by hotels. Staying in them is seriously my favorite part of a vacation.

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